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EU-NATO Summits: More military defence
In the shadow of the Russia-Ukrainia war, NATO states and members of EU countries will increase its military spending and strengthen the Eastern Europe against Russia.

EU-NATO Summits: More military defence

By Roni Alasor

25 March 2022 - Middle East Diplomatic – In the shadow of Russia-Ukraine war, NATO and the EU leaders held separate summits in Brussels. The head of the NATO states and the EU leaders made clear that they will not tolerate the Russian aggression and occupation on Ukraine but the Transatlantic alliance will increase its military spending and strengthen the Eastern Europe.

According to the NATO secretary general Stoltenberg, who has been re-elected during the summit, the head of the NATO states “remained united and determined to oppose Russian aggression, support the government and people of Ukraine and defend the security of all allies”.

After the NATO summit of the head of the member states in Brussels, the Western alliance decided for more military defence and strengthens eastern flank against the Russian Federation after the occupation of Ukraine.

The peaceful Belgium will increase it military budget 10 % percent, one billion.  And Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed that Germany would sharply increase its spending on defence to supply 100 billion Euros for military investments from its 2022 budget.

NATO also agreed to establish four new battle groups in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, as addition to four other battle groups in Poland and the Baltic states.

“NATO summit rejected Ukraine’s request for tanks, fighter jets or a no-fly zone over its territory, but it decided to give more financial, military and humanitarian support including anti-tank weapons and drones to Ukraine.”


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