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Impressive Peshmarga Exhibition in Brussels
EU capital city Brussels hosted a unique photo exhibition of the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who are still in the war against ISIS-terror organisation.More than 2000 Peshmergas lost their lives during the war on terror.

Impressive Peshmarga Exhibition in Brussels

By Roni Alasor

30 November, 2021 - Middle East Diplomatic - The EU capital city Brussels hosted a impressive and unique photo exhibition of the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who are still in the war against ISIS terror organisation. More than 2000 Peshmergas lost their lives during the war on terror. After the collapse of the Iraqi army to the ISIS, it was mainly Peshmerga forces who saved the million of the lives and make an end to the ISIS terror state in Iraq. Nevertheless Peshmerga forces also stopped a big terror threat to whole Middle East, Europe and the world. Since last weekend, at the least 8 Peshmergas have been killed and many wounded in ISIS deadly terror attacks in Federal Kurdistan.  

The photo exhibition in Brussels was organised in cooperation with Kurdistan Regional Government Mission to the EU and the Senger & Peshmarga and it was dedicated to the brave Peshmerga`s sacrifices during the war against ISIS. 

The human suffering in the short documentary film and in the pictures of the exhibition was enough strong. The destruction of the war, the images of Kurdish Yezidi women and children captured by ISIS and sold as sex slaves in Muslim countries have already been written in the dark pages of our human history as a unforgettable shame in the 21st century.

In the opening of the photo exhibition, the Chairman of Senger and Peshmerge, Mr Semir Nizari underlined the crucial role of the Kurdish Peshmerga against ISIS terror organisations already from the start in June 2014.

-They didn’t save only the life of Kurds, but all peoples of Kurdistan no mater if they are Muslim or Yezidi Kurds or our Christian brothers Armenians, Caldanian-Asurian or Arabic and Turkoman civilians. Moreover, Peshmerga’s brought peace and stability and saved the life of thousands of children and mothers who have been kidnapped and sold as sex slaves, add Mr Nizari.

Welcoming the guests, Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to the EU, Mr Delawer Ajgeiy said that Kurdistan Regional Government lost over 2000 Peshmerga and more than 10.000 of them have been wounded.

-When the ISIS forces attacked Syria and Iraq and captured a large areas of land, infrastructure and resources, the  Peshmerga mobilized itself and immediately moved in to resist Daash and as the first forces ever were able to defeat them and then provide security for not only Kurds but all components, religious minorities and different ethnics. This struggle has not been done without sacrificing of more than 12.000 martyrs and wounded Peshmarga. They gave their lives to protect the world against evil.

One of the participants in photo exhibition was the Peshmerga fighter Shahram Bahjad Selki. He has been wounded in one of the ISIS’s most brutal terror attack in near Omar Koubar village on 20 October 2014. More than 20 Peshmerga’s lost their lives and over 80 wounded.

 Peshmerga officer Shahram Selki (right) is in the front line with his father General Major Bahjat Taimas Selki

When Peshmerga officer Shahram Bahjad Selki has been heavily injured, he was fighting against ISIS terrorists in the same front line with his father General Major Bahjat Taimas Selki. His father just helped his son and other injured Peshmerga’s until the transport cars, but General Major Selki continue to fight together with his officers and soldiers.




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