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Kurdish Conference calls for National Unity
The Kurdish "National Conference Against Occupation" calls the peoples of the Kurdistan to unite and fight against Islamic terror states to defend the fundamental rights of Kurds.

Kurdish Conference calls for National Unity

By Roni Alasor / Nederland

7 September, 2021 - Middle East Diplomatic - A Kurdish "National Conference Against Occupation"  has been organised by Kurdish party representatives and intellectuals from four parts of Kurdistan and diaspora. The final declaration of the conference underlined that all peoples of Kurdistan should unite to fight against Islamic terror states to defend the fundamental rights of Kurds and all peoples of Kurdistan.

Many speakers underlined that the invaders` atrocities in Kurdistan should be brought to the international stage. This is a serious weakens of Kurdish political parties which can not join even in a national position.

One of the many speakers was Mrs Asya Abdullah, speaking on behalf of KONGRA-STAR from Rojava, she underlined that the Kurds are in a critical era : "Today, a significant struggle is being waged against the invaders. Every day, we experience the loss of dozens of martyrs. These values must be safeguarded. We are speaking here now, yet our society is suffering. We are martyred, we are killed, we are exiled, and we are imprisoned. It is also our responsibility to fight the invaders."

The final declaration of conference in Nederland, calls for consistent stance against occupation of the colonialist Islamic terror states in Middle East.

The statement refers to the various invasions and occupations of Kurdish regions by Turkey, recalling that a new campaign of invasion and occupation by Turkish troops and their mercenaries had begun in 2018 with the occupation of Afrin. The conferees also point to the occupation of Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) and Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) in Rojava in October 2019 and the plans to deprive the Yazidi Shengal region of autonomy.

Since then, there have been attacks against Shengal and residents of the region have been murdered. Similar relentless attacks are also directed against the Maxmur refugee camp."

The declaration further states, "There are many points that stand out. All the rights of Kurdish women are being disregarded. Especially in Afrin, women are kidnapped, murdered and raped by the occupation forces. Kurdistan`s demographic structure is being actively changed. The Kurds and the other peoples of the region are being driven from their ancestral lands.

So far, no state or international institutions have spoken out against these dirty practices. We protest against this silence and demand that all social circles oppose the defamation of Kurds as terrorists and stand in solidarity with them. The Kurdish people ended the territorial rule of the most terrible organization that threatened the whole world, the ISIS. It thus protected not only itself but also the world from serious danger.

The Turkish state draws its power from the silence of the international powers and institutions. It is because of their silence that it recklessly uses all weapons, including chemical weapons. To remain silent in the face of these dirty practices is nothing more than complicity in the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity. From here, we call on all international powers and institutions to break their silence on the crimes of the Turkish state and support the demands of the peoples of Kurdistan.

In order for the Platform against Occupation to continue its work more effectively, it must itself become broader, but also receive greater support. To this end, our conference suggests the creation of various committees and has decided to create a committee to strengthen communication between Kurdish parties, political groups, intellectuals and personalities. In addition, a communication committee is to be established and in this way the representation of the Kurds in the press is to be improved. A third committee is to take care of lobbying and diplomacy with political parties, parliaments and European states.

As participants of the National Conference against Occupation, we call again on the Kurdish and the world public to respect human values. We call on them to play their role against the cruel attacks of the Turkish state.


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