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NES-Rojava urges NATO Summit for help
Ahead of NATO summit on 14-15 June, the self-government of North and East Syria (NES/Rojava) urges NATO Summit to stop Turkey’s daily attacks and its support to islamist-terror gangs. (Photo: The National News)

NES-Rojava urges NATO Summit for help

By Roni Alasor

14 June 2021 - Middle East Diplomatic - Ahead of NATO summit on 14-15 June, the self-government of North and East Syria (NES/Rojava) urges NATO Summit to stop Turkey’s daily attacks and its support to islamist-terror gangs.

Speaking to Middle East Diplomatic, Dr. Abdulkarim Omar, the Acting Foreign Relations Co-Minister of the self-government of North and East Syria/Rojava (NES/Rojava), underlined that they are facing daily threat, terror and war from NATO member Turkey which is backing openly the islamist terror gangs since 2014.

“Despite all of our goodwill in cooperation with USA and Anti-Daesh coalition to not be any threat to our neighbouring Turkey, but we are still facing daily threat, terror and war from NATO member Turkey. Turkey is openly committing crimes before the eyes of the International Coalition and the Russian Federation.  Since 2013-14, it has provided active support for Islamic terror organisations. Everyone knows very well that ISIS is supported mainly by Turkey. And Turkey has actively warred against NES/Rojava to destabilise our region. It has intervened and occupied our land. It is helping ISIS through its jihadist mercenaries. The jihadists in the Turkish-occupied areas think the same way ISIS does. And when the Turkish army and its jihadist mercenaries kill, terrorise, rape, and occupy our land openly, it uses weapons it obtained from some NATO member countries”.

Minister Omar, isn’t this a serious accusation to lodge against NATO member states? After all, NATO is working for “peace, democracy, fundamental human rights, international rules and norms.”  Many NATO member states back the SDF. Isn’t it controversial to accuse member states of something else?

Minister Omar: Turkey is member of NATO. But since 2012-13 it has been working hard to disrupt the peace, security and stability in entire Middle East as well as the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, the Caucasus and elsewhere. We call on NATO to stop Turkey and its paid mercenary Islamic and criminal terror gangs, which are also using weapons from some NATO member countries against us. It is incredible that this controversial policy continues even as we are fighting to defeat terrorism and to protect our region, the European West, and humanity as a whole.

NATO weapons are being used against SDF and International Coalition forces?

Minister Omar: We believe that some countries have sold weapons to Islamic terror organisations via Turkey. The contractors and payments are Turkish. NATO countries should know where their weapons going to be used and against whom, namely Kurds and Coalition forces. We are certain that Europeans/Western intelligence and military sources have enough evidence to know that. It is a tragic dilemma for the political leadership of some NATO countries that don’t have a clear position on Turkey’s active support for Islamic terror since 2014.

The situation in the parts of NES/Rojava that are occupied by Turkish-Islamic terror gangs is alarming. It’s worst in Afrin but also in Serê Kaniyê and Girê Spî. All kinds of crimes, torture, rapes, kidnapping, terror, massacres, and destruction of Kurdish-owned olive fields and houses continue.

We ask the international community and NATO to put pressure on the Erdogan regime and his terrorists mercenaries to stop committing acts of terror and violence against our people. What we do against Turkey? Without pressure from international community, the Turkish regime is totally out of control. The UN, the US, the EU, the Russian Federation, China, and NATO should break their silence around all the crimes, occupations, and terror that we have been facing since 2014.

NATO, instead of closing its eyes to the crimes carried out by the Turkish army and the terror organisations it backs, should actively help us to gain the last victory over terror.

A few days ago I was delighted to read that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in a speech on 15 May 2021, highlighted NATO’s values and contributions to global peace and security, saying that as “our world becomes more insecure, we must invest more in our security; because security is the foundation of our freedom and freedom does not come for free. In the pursuit of peace, there are no easy answers, only hard choices; so we must always act responsibly, in respect of international rules and norms.”

The US, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and all other members have a heavy responsibility to act in accordance with NATO’s values and contributions to global peace and security. They must intervene to stop Turkey from violating fundamental human rights, from backing radical-Islamist-terror gangs, and from occupying our land.

You have said that NES/Rojava lost “over 12,000 brave men and women in the war against Erdogan supported ISIS terror gangs and around 24,000 fighters wounded and handicapped.” Do you feel that NES/Rojava has received enough understanding, respect, and support for what it has sacrificed and continues to sacrifice? Do you feel that you could face a new Trump-Putin kind of policy, of the kind that allowed Erdogan to occupy Afrin, Serê Kaniyê and Girê Spî—around 40 to 50 percent of Kurdish land? What are the main reactions of your population of some 5 million?

Minister Omar: Those numbers are correct, we lost 12,000 brave men and women, and 24,000 fighters were wounded and handicapped. We made these sacrifices in the war against ISIS-which was a threat not just to NES/Rojava but to the whole world—and all the communities in the world consider themselves to be in our debt, but the governments do not act accordingly, and they always put their interests first.

The people of NES/Rojava are acutely disappointed because the Afrin invasion came as the result of Turkish-Russian cooperation, and the invasion of Serê Kaniyê and Girê Spî came after a Trump tweet! Yes, the people of NES/Rojava are greatly concerned that they will again become victims of further international policies.   


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